Prepare for Cinco de Mayo, paint a margarita glass at Roberta’s Gallery

Students will have the opportunity to paint their own designs on glass in an upcoming margarita glass workshop in the University Center.

The workshop is open to all students, faculty, staff, and community members, but a majority of the participants are students. The margarita glass workshop, facilitated by Angie Alesci, will give students the opportunity to paint a design of their choice on a margarita glass they get to take home with them after they’re done.

“It’s free, a lot of fun and you get to take home a free margarita glass with you after you’re done,” Roberta’s Gallery Workshop Assistant Theresa Wyss said.

Roberta’s Gallery Supervisor Kim Adams came up with the initial idea for the margarita glass workshop.

“I had seen some painted wine glasses at a gift shop and ran it past some students, and they liked the idea,” Adams said. “So collaboratively we decided to offer it as a margarita glass instead of wine glass.”

The workshop was offered a couple of other times previously, once last spring and another two years ago in the summer.

“It was introduced a number of semesters ago, and it was a popular session, so that’s why we decided to offer it again this spring,” Adams said.

Before Wyss started working for Roberta’s Gallery, they held painted martini glass workshops.

“They used to paint martini glasses,” Wyss said. “And we usually do [the workshop] around April in the springtime because it’s near Cinco de Mayo, and we kind of try to tie our workshops around holidays or major events going on on campus or fixatives that we have going on in the gallery.”

The workshop is limited to 20 participants who will each receive a margarita glass to use for their designs.

“Participants can be creative and decorate their margarita glasses however they want to,” Wyss said.

All supplies will be provided, but participants may choose to bring in their own margarita glasses if they want. The type of paint they’ll be using is enamel, a paint specifically used for painting on glass.

The margarita glass workshop will be held from 6 to 8 p.m. on April 10 in UC 264.