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WSG meeting provides updates on proposed campus pond, possible tobacco ban, Anderson Library remodeling

A proposed water feature facing Hyland Hall is edging closer to full approval.


“I would say it’s 98 percent official,” Whitewater Student Government Sen. Mary Morris said. “Everything is falling into place so far.”

Morris said the Campus Landscaping & Planning Committee is going to authorize the rerouting of water from the spring that’s under Hyland Hall to fill the water feature.

The routing of the plumbing is going to be paid for through the general maintenance fees within the budget. Financing for the rest of the project will be from an anonymous donor.

“This is not going to cost the students anything, which I think is pretty cool,” Morris said.

Construction of the pond is set to begin in June.

Tobacco ban discussion


The UW-Whitewater Coalition for a Tobacco-Free Campus Committee is hoping to get WSG to vote on a new resolution supporting a tobacco free campus within the next two weeks.

Michelle Bertucci, the student leader of the committee, said the committee was looking to get two senators to support a proposed legislation they presented to WSG on Monday night.

“We are confident that we’ll have senator support as far as the legislation is concerned,” Bertucci said. “We just don’t know if they’re going to vote yay or nay and have a majority rule or not. I mean, we’re hoping, but you never know.”

Bertucci said if they don’t get WSG’s support, they would propose a referendum for the student body to vote on in the fall.

Anderson Library Remodel

The Library Service Committee is coordinating with Anderson Library to renovate a 4,000 square foot section on the second floor.

“I got to check out the new 4,000 square foot renovation, which is super exciting,” WSG Sen. Thomas Ziolkowski said. “I didn’t even know it was going on. They kind of kept it on the down low.”

Ziolkowski said the space will be used for group or individual study and contain no bookcases.

However, the library is short $75,000 to finish the renovations.

“I guess it just wasn’t in the budget,” Ziolkowski said. “They were granted the money for the renovation, but they did not have the money for the tables and chairs, window coverings or artwork for the walls.”

According to Ziolkowski, the committee is looking for donations from anyone or anywhere, but they won’t be going campus wide to search for extra tables and chairs.

“They said they want to bring a new look into the library,” Ziolkowski said. “Just because they’re spending so much on this renovation, they kind of want to make it high tech.”

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Founded 1901
WSG meeting provides updates on proposed campus pond, possible tobacco ban, Anderson Library remodeling