New name for Carlson Hall likely

Carlson Hall under construction

Carlson Hall will soon be known as Laurentide Hall, pending approval from the UW System Board of Regents.

The board will meet tomorrow at UW-Superior, and the name request is on its agenda.

Associate Dean of Letters & Sciences David Travis said he is ready for the change.

“I’ve been calling it Laurentide for about three weeks now so I’m definitely prepared for the possible change,” Travis said. “My gut feeling is that there will be no problem getting it approved.”

Travis said the construction crew working on the building has been getting a lot done inside the structure recently.

“I’ve been in the building twice over the last week, and they’re making great progress,” Travis said. “They’re kind of working top to bottom so the fifth floor is mostly dry walled and the rest of the floors are starting to take shape.”

Travis said once the construction was done the difference would be “night and day.”

“When I went inside, the one thing I noticed was all the glass,” Travis said. “It’s going to be so different than the old Carlson. The old Carlson was like a brick compound, a prison almost, and this is going to be so well lit and have glass everywhere.

“People are going to be amazed at the difference when they see it.”

According to Travis, the Letters & Sciences departments are planning on moving into the building during the first three weeks of October, and they are setting up the move schedule now.

“We’re currently determining which departments will be moving in on which dates,” Travis said. “It’s not the most exciting stuff in the world, but those are some of the things we’re excited to be making progress with.”

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