‘The Element’ opens new showroom

The new student housing complex “The Element” is close to completion.

“Progress has been going very well,” CatCon LLC Developer Andy Ream said. “We’re going to be done the first week of June.”

A model room was opened Monday and an open house took place from 12-6 p.m.

Ream said students have been responding well to the project and are interested in this type of student housing.

“They really like the independent aspect of it,” Ream said. “You can have the laundry in the room, it’s close to campus and everything is brand new, which is always a big plus.”

Ream said “The Element” filled a need for students looking to live off campus especially considering the recent housing crunch.

The only challenge for “The Element” staff has been developing the brand and getting its name out there, Ream said.

“Some students thought we were maybe a portion of the actual university,” Ream said. “It’s just been a challenge to get some separation and say ‘hey guys, we’re out here.’ We’re totally separated from everything else students have been used to living in.”

Ream said he’s had a couple of work groups get together and hosted a pizza party for students in an effort to get “The Element” name out there.

“We’re actually working with DECA in the marketing area,” Ream said. “The more students you can talk to and the more organizations you can get plugged in to and work with, the better off you are.”

There are still some spaces available according to Ream, but they are filling up fast. Ream said “The Element” is going to change the way students look at housing options.

“We are a student focused culture and not just student housing,” Ream said. “It’s more than just a place to live. We’re creating a culture within our own setting.”

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