Disabled recognize generosity with scholarship money

Approximately $40,000 was given away in scholarship money to more than 15 students for their dedication to helping students with disabilities.

Many of the scholarships and awards were given in memory of someone who had a disability.

“It’s really great that [these] families care enough to try to help the memory of their loved ones live on by sharing something with somebody else,” Chancellor Richard Telfer said.

Disability Advocacy & Awareness Coalition gave away $40,000 in scholarship money to 15 students with disabilities.

Faculty and staff were also awarded at the annual spring banquet hosted by the Disability Advocacy & Awareness Coalition and the Center for Students with Disabilities.

“All the winners have some kind of interaction with students who have a disability, whether it be a learning, psychological or physical disability,” Telfer said. “The winners are folks who really have supported [these students].”

Graduate student Peter Lohr, the vice president of DAAC, said the faculty and staff who were recognized were chosen based on their dedication to students with disabilities.

According to Lohr, there is no application process for the awards. They simply look for personal commitment from faculty and staff.

“Many times when you’re recognized by students and faculty it speaks to your heart, at least it does for me,” Lohr said.

Junior Andrew Brenes, the DAAC president for the past year, said he wanted to award “people who were committed to the organization and really showed outstanding leadership qualities.”

The final awards of the night were the Chancellor’s Awards presented by Telfer and CSD Director Dr. Elizabeth Watson.

Telfer said the Chancellor’s Awards were given to faculty and staff who went above and beyond the call of duty.

According to Brenes, it’s important to honor the people who dedicate their time to students with disabilities.

“It lets them know that despite barriers, if you put your mind to it, you can overcome anything,” Brenes said.