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Adventures Abroad

WelkeDia duit! (That’s hello in Irish!)

As of today, I will have 37 days left in Ireland. It may seem like a lot, but I know that time will fly by.

I feel so comfortable here. Dublin is my home, and thinking about leaving makes me extremely sad.

This irreplaceable experience has changed my life in the most positive way. I am so lucky and fortunate I had the opportunity to study in Dublin, which I think is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

One of my favorite quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson is, “Always do what you are afraid to do.” Once you get out of your comfort zone, everything changes, and here’s a secret: it is usually a good change.

When I arrived in Dublin and started my classes, another worry of mine was about the classes and exams at Dublin City University.

I have had no homework for my classes, which is definitely a change from the classes I’ve had at UW-Whitewater. All I have to do for my classes here is write a few essays and take three final exams at the end of the semester.


I’m not homesick, because I really love living in Dublin. It’s definitely a change from living in Whitewater.

Studying abroad was the best decision I’ve made during my college career and I would recommend to anyone who is interested to look into studying abroad.

Studying abroad isn’t just about studying in a different country; it’s about exploring new cultures, meeting incredible people, and getting out of your comfort zone for a few months.

The Center for Global Education has been extremely helpful in answering all my questions and concerns when I was applying for my program, and I never could have had this great opportunity if it wasn’t for them.

This semester has been extraordinary. I have traveled to many different countries in Europe, have seen so many beautiful places in Ireland, and made many friends, all while taking classes at Dublin City University.

It is very sad to think that I have to leave this incredible place and leave my experiences behind, but I will definitely take the great memories with me.

When I come home on June 1, I will have one year of school left, and I plan to further my education in photojournalism.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions about studying abroad in general, or Ireland specifically!

You can keep up with my adventures by visiting my blog at

Thanks for reading! Please wish me “Slan Abhaile,” which in Irish means goodbye, and safe travels home.

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Founded 1901
Adventures Abroad