Construction in Whitewater

As the winter season ends, construction season begins in Whitewater. Renovations on the $2.4 million Milwaukee Street project have already begun, and two more projects on Prince Street and Prairie Street will follow.

This map shows the detour route for Milwaukee Street. The current detour is expected to change in June.

Milwaukee Street

From South Wisconsin Street to South Esterly Street

April 30-Sep. 28

Construction to Take Place: 

– Replacing water mane and sanitary sewer

– Deepening sanitary sewer by 5 feet

– Repaving road with concrete for first time since 1978

What to Expect:

– Scheduled water shutdown occurred May 2 for about four hours

– Unexpected water shutdown occured May 3 for 15 minutes

– According to Public Works Director Dean Fischer, it is possible to hit the water mane at any time, so more unscheduled water shutdowns are possible.

– Fischer said other sections of Milwaukee Street will have construction done. Public Works is seperating the projects by a year  so they don’t interrupt businesses every year.

– Acorn Beverage Manager Antone Bartolotta expects a small loss of business. “With graduation coming and people’s parents coming into town … they’re going to have to go a different way to get [to the university] and they’re not going to pass by my store,”   Bartolotta said.


Prince Street

From Starin Road to Main Street

May 21-Aug. 31

Construction to Take Place:

– New sanitary sewer, storm sewer, water   mane and gutters

– Reconstruction of street and curbs

– Widening street and sidewalk

What to Expect:

– Detours to enter Greenhill Center of the Arts for summer events

– Forced removal of trees in order to widen street and sidewalk

-Over 50 trees being planted


Prairie Street

From Starin Road to Main Street

May 14-16

Construction to Take Place:

– Repaving street and spot replacing curbs

– Repainting parking lines

What to expect:

– Prairie Street will be completely closed down from May 14-16

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