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That’s what He Said/She Said: My best friend’s girlfriend is cheating on him. He doesn’t know, but I do. Should I say something?

He Said …


It’s a tough decision. As a friend, you do not want to hurt your friend and make them get that funky feeling in their stomach that we have all experienced. But then again, you do not want your friend to be cheated on anymore or find out by himself. That way, he could possibly blame you for knowing and not telling.

As a best friend, I believe it is important to tell them right away that their significant other is cheating on them. However, there are some situations that telling them immediately may not be the best idea.

Say you’re out partying it up with your best friend and his significant other. His girlfriend has been rumored to be texting another guy at the party, and all of a sudden she mysteriously disappears at the same time the other guy does.

We all know what could be happening behind your best friends back, but telling him at the party may start some drama that probably shouldn’t be started in public. You also may not want to make your friend sick to his stomach in public; trust me, it’s not a good feeling.

In most situations, I believe telling your best friend that his significant other is cheating on him is the right thing to do. I know that I would want to know if my girlfriend was cheating on me, and mommy always said, “Treat others how you would want to be treated.”

And to all people who have even thought of cheating on their   significant others: Karma’s a b****.

She Said …


You’re in a tough position. You don’t want to interfere and put yourself into someone else’s relationship, because it isn’t your business, but you also want to protect your friend from being hurt.

Put yourself in his shoes. Would you want him to let you know? Probably. Nobody likes to be cheated on. I suggest you do something about it.

First, confront the cheater and ask if they are going to notify your friend or continue to fool around. Give her the benefit of the doubt that she will fess up. If she tells you he doesn’t need to know, then you should go to your friend about what has been going on behind his back.

Don’t jump the gun and blurt out his girlfriend is cheating on him. He is going to need to know you care and support him before the bad news potentially ruins his life. Once he’s assured you are good and trusting friend, then you can proceed. Tell him you confronted his girlfriend about her promiscuity and she was not going to inform him. Also, it’s always good to have some kind of dessert food on hand (Ben & Jerry’s has some good, comforting flavors).

Having someone cheat on you is a horrible feeling. The longer you wait to confront the cheater and tell your friend, the more pain and suffering will be involved. Don’t let your friend sit in the dark and waste his time on someone who doesn’t deserve it.

Don’t let him stay with a low-class girl, he can probably do better.

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Founded 1901
That’s what He Said/She Said: My best friend’s girlfriend is cheating on him. He doesn’t know, but I do. Should I say something?