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Freshman Do’s and Don’ts


Acquaint yourself with D2L
D2L, or Desire 2 Learn, is what a lot of your professors will use to post course news, grades, readings and assignments. D2L will become a go-to webpage for you, so the quicker you learn how to use it, the better. Ask your professor, RA, or an upperclassman to give you a quick rundown during your first week.

Plan ahead before you get textbooks
You never know what kind of chaos you are going into when you enter the bookstore. You could be in there anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours due to lines, so plan accordingly.

Familiarize yourself with campus
Be sure to walk around campus before school starts so you’re able to get to class quickly and avoid embarrassment. If possible, walk through the buildings to find the location of your classrooms.

Add important numbers to your cell phone
Add the campus police phone number (262-472-4460), health services number (262-472-1300), counseling services number (262-472-1305), and others so you are prepared in a moment of need.

Know your Hawkcard
Your Hawkcard is more than just an ID. It gets you into your building, works for meal transfers, and you can use it as a type of on campus debit card via PurplePoints. Also, keep track of your Hawkcard. It costs $25 to replace it.

Stick it out for the first two weeks
The first two weeks at college will be the hardest for you if you’re away from home for the first time. It is not uncommon to feel homesick, but just remember, you’re not alone. Stick around for the first weekend and you’ll soon see how rewarding it is to be on your own in a place crawling with people your own age.

Bond with your roomie
If you don’t know your roommate, get to know them. Talk about your schedules, interests and pet peeves to avoid any awkward conversations later.

Get involved!
Check out the involvement fair from 11-2 on September 12 in the UC mall, and watch for signs on student organizations that you might be interested in.

Invest in a planner or calendar
With classes, work, sports and free time to schedule, you don’t want to forget something important. A planner will become your saving grace for keeping track of it all.

Get to know your professors
Either stop by before or after class or shoot your new professors a quick email to introduce yourself. This will show your professors you are responsible, friendly and take your education seriously.


Ignore emails
This is how you find out most events and news about campus. Your teachers will also email your class cancellations and changes. The UW-Whitewater online calendar is also a great resource to check out what’s happening on campus.

Leave your dorm door or car unlocked
This might seem like common sense, but many students forget this. People will steal anything these days.

Skip your first floor meeting
It might seem silly, but your floor meetings provide you with a lot of important information, especially for those new to UW-Whitewater. Your Resident Assistants put a lot of time and effort to be as helpful as possible and make your transition to college living easier.

Leave your room without your Hawkcard and dorm key
Without these, you can’t get into your building or room! After the first time you forget your key, it costs money to get a lender key. It’s ($60) for a replacement key.

Be late for your first class
Teachers may not know your name right away, but they will recognize a face that strolls in late for class.

Go barefoot into the bathroom
If you live in the residence halls, there are at least 30 other people using the same bathroom as you. Invest in a pair of shower shoes so you don’t have to go barefoot and risk the germs and bacteria in the bathroom.

Blow off Club U-Dub-Dub
There are a lot of people in your freshman class. This is your first chance to meet tons of new people and get acquainted with campus even more. Plus, there are freebies at almost every Club U-Dub-Dub event.

Cross a road on campus without looking
This may sound like kindergarten, but you’ll be surprised at how fast some cars drive by without even noticing a pedestrian. There’s also construction currently taking place on Prince Street, which means more traffic on other roads on and around campus.

Be ignorant of where you park
If you are in the wrong parking lot or forget to put change in the meter, you will get ticketed. Last year parking services collected made $176,117.19 from parking fines. For the sake of your college student wallet, be conscious of where you can park.

Be afraid to put yourself out there
There are literally hundreds of clubs, groups and teams to join on campus. Try something new. The purpose of college is to learn as much as you can and find new hobbies and passions. Just go for it.

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Freshman Do’s and Don’ts