Consider This

With school being so expensive, how can I be financially responsible and not overspend?


Every college student is aware of the expenses involved with furthering their education. With the beginning of the school year, students are purchasing food, supplies and items for their apartments, all while paying UW-Whitewater’s tuition. If you take steps to be financially responsible now, you can get ahead on paying back your loans and save money for later.

Whether you are in a dorm, an apartment or a house, setting up payment schedules can help you keep on track with the amount of money you owe and should be saving. Set aside your money each month so that you always know what you have to save.

Look for coupons so you can save on essential needs like food or personal care items. Sentry and Walmart both have coupons in the front of their stores that you can take advantage of. Also, be sure that you’re looking for the best prices on products so you aren’t burning cash unnecessarily.

Try walking or biking to areas in Whitewater instead of driving. With gas being so expensive, you can really save by walking to the local areas. Plus, it’s a great chance to get some exercise.

Get a job somewhere in Whitewater or work on weekends in your hometown. This will help you save up some money for expenses or for some personal items.

Don’t spend all your money on booze, no matter how tempting it is. This is probably one of the most overspent areas for college students. Be sure that when you do purchase it, you are doing it wisely and drinking responsibly.

Look around for scholarships that apply to you. Talk to your advisor or department head and have them point you in the right direction. If you apply to enough, you’re sure to get something to help you save some cash.

Choose a meal plan that you will use efficiently. Make sure that you use up all of those meals during the week so you aren’t throwing away money on meals.

Have a budget that you will spend each month on fun things for yourself. Everyone deserves to buy something nice for themselves once in awhile, but try to actually stick to it.

Saving money isn’t easy when you have tuitions and loans constantly looming around you, but it can be done if you are smart about it.

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