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New parking meters line campus


The university has put new parking meters along Prince and Prairie streets because of an agreement the city and university made last year.

After putting a large number of resources into improving the condition of streets, the city decided to add meters to help with the cost of repairs.

UW-Whitewater is paying a flat rate to the city to lease the streets. The city also gave the university administrational responsibility over them.

After the agreement was finalized, the university moved meters from lots on campus to the streets.  No new meters had to be purchased, which has opened up permit parking spots on campus.

Whitewater Student Government President John Jensen said he believes the biggest implication for students will be the cost.

According to Jensen, buying a permit will be the way to save money.

Jensen also said he understands the impact that the growing university has on the city.


“There are a lot of limitations for parking on campus,” Jensen said. “The best solution would be to build another parking lot somewhere, and, unfortunately, being in a small community, there is not a whole lot of room without eliminating a vast amount of green space.”

City Council Rep. Stephanie Abbott said she recognizes the growing student population and the lack of space.

“It shouldn’t be about limiting students,” Abbott said. “Obviously, we don’t want students extending too far into the residential areas, but we also have to recognize that the population of this campus is going up and there is simply no other solution.”

Prince and Prairie streets both see a large amount of traffic each day, so the decision to capitalize on the streets has led to the implementation of meters.

Bob Brecklin, UW-Whitewater’s parking services supervisor, said the addition of meters on Prince and Prairie has been beneficial.

“I think this is one of the smoothest years for parking,” Brecklin said. “Lots nine, one and two are never full.  Overall, we have a better parking situation. Now, we just have to recover the revenue that was lost.”

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Founded 1901
New parking meters line campus