Softball complex to receive new building for 2012 season

The Board of Regents finalized a $650,000 construction project with the building commission last week to enhance the current softball complex.

The project will include a two-level building, Athletic Director Paul Plinske said.

The upper level will be on the top part of the bleachers that are already in place, Plinske said. Included in the upper level will be restrooms, a concession stand, a press box, a coach’s office and a changing room, he added.

On the lower level will be a locker room with showers and restrooms for the softball team.

In 2008, Whitewater Student Government approved funding for the Multisport Complex, which includes the softball facility, baseball stadium, track/soccer complex and Perkins Stadium. Along with a $1.5 million gift from the Kachel family, WSG agreed to have each student pay approximately $5 for the Multisport Complex.

The softball complex is the last portion of the project and is planned to be completed by winter next academic year.

Plinske said that fee will affect students for the next 17 years.

Chancellor Richard Telfer said the students’ money was shifted from the field turf for Perkins Stadium to the baseball and softball projects because the Kachels wanted to make sure the turf was in place before the 2008 season.

A couple other projects are on the table in the near future, Plinske said.

“We have one project on the table right now,” Plinske said. “That’s the resurfacing of the Kachel Fieldhouse … There’s a lot of wear and tear on [the floor] now and it’s becoming a greater liability.”

Perkins Stadium lights also need to be replaced because one of the lights fell during a winter storm a few weeks ago, Plinske said.