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Educate yourself on election issues

With the presidential election only a month away, many Americans are in the process of deciding who will get their votes.
It’s easy to pick a candidate based on political party alone, but unless you research where the candidates stand on the issues that matter, you may end up voting for someone who goes against what you believe in.

Thanks to the Internet, an abundance of resources are available to help shed light on where presidential candidates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney stand on issues that will shape the lives of millions for the next four years.
Whether or not you already know who you’ll be voting for, learning about what each candidate stands for can help you gain a greater understanding of what is going on this election.

If you’re undecided, reading up on the issues can help you choose who will be getting your vote. If you’ve made up your mind, learning about what your candidate stands for is a great way to strengthen your confidence in them.
To help you get a head start, here’s a list of campaign issues that directly impact us as college students. Do yourself a favor before you head out to vote and read up on where the candidates stand on these and other important matters.

Anyone who follows the news probably knows that the American economy has seen better days. As the next generation of the workforce, we will inherit all of the economic problems our country is dealing with, which could mean having a harder time finding a job post-graduation, higher taxes and an increasing national debt.
Find out what each candidate is planning to do to relieve our country’s enormous national debt, create new jobs and otherwise stimulate the economy.

Health Care
At some point in the not-so-distant future, most of us will no longer rely on our parents to pay for our health care needs. Either by insurance or paying out of pocket, we will have to find a way to afford doctors visits, emergency room trips and other health-related expenses on our own.
Read up on where each candidate stands on health care policy. What will they do to make basic health care and insurance a reasonable option for everyone?

Financial Aid
As college students, many of us rely on Federal Student Aid or have taken out loans in order to afford our education. The cost of attending a university continues to rise and so does our debt. Many college graduates struggle to make payments and afford the cost of living after graduation.
Explore what each candidate is planning to do to help college students afford their education and what their beliefs are regarding student loan repayment.

Other Hot Button Issues
There are many important topics that we didn’t cover in this article that many people are extremely passionate about. Gay marriage, reproductive rights, the environment and gun control have all been hotly debated in recent months.

Think of the issues that are important to you and read up on where each candidate stands on them. What actions will they take if they’re in office next January?
Don’t let a lack of knowledge keep you away from the polls on Nov. 6.

Not knowing the policies each candidate supports is not an excuse for not voting, especially when there are so many great resources just a click away.
Take 10 minutes and educate yourself on the issues that are important to you, then cast your ballot for the candidate you think will best lead our country for the next four years. Your vote matters.

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Educate yourself on election issues