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Students vote down redistricting act


The Student Representation Efficiency Act was voted down during the Whitewater Student Government elections held on Oct. 30 and 31.

If passed, the act would have resulted in the Drumlin and Esker district being combined into one district, On-Campus.

“In the past, we have had to turn away students, because the number of seats in their district was full,” WSG President John Jensen said. “There is a better chance of getting students who are actually interested in serving if there are more seats available to them.”


As a result of the failed act, the four Senate districts—Drumlin, Esker, Off-Campus and At-Large—will remain the same.

Jensen, a junior, submitted the legislation and said the act would have made WSG better at representing students.

He also said he believed the legislation did not pass because students did not understand why WSG had proposed the idea.

“I wish that the student body had taken more careful consideration of the referenda and how it would have benefited our organization and our student body,” Jensen said.

Speaker of the Senate Jordan Holthaus said he believed the act did not pass because students did not have enough information on it.

“I would really like to see it go through for the next referendum,” Holthaus said.


Jensen said the act will be re-introduced in the new Senate session, and he hopes students get another chance to vote on it.

Two other pieces of legislation presented by Jensen were voted on during elections.

The Senate Appointment Reformation Act passed during the elections, resulting in a requirement for Senators to get a majority vote to be elected in.

In the past, senators only needed a plurality of votes to be elected in. A plurality is when a given candidate gets more votes than another, but not the majority.

Holthaus, a sophomore, said he is extremely happy the act passed.

“I believe it passed because we defined it very clear in the question,” said Holthaus.  “With the majority, it’s majority plus one, so say you have a 100 people and 51 people vote yes, that person gets voted in.”

Jensen said he was also happy with the approved act.

“This legislation will help make sure that the most qualified students are representing them [the student body] on WSG,” said Jensen.

The Executive Professionalism Re-Titling also did not pass.  According to the legislation, the WSG Executive Board would have been renamed the Executive Cabinet, if it passed.

Jensen said the WSG Executive Board functions more like a cabinet.

“I think this change would have helped make WSG more professional and would have made it easier to explain the structure of WSG to those that are not involved,” said Jensen.

The next WSG meeting will be at 7 p.m. on Nov. 19 in the University Center.

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Founded 1901
Students vote down redistricting act