Students ‘benefit most’ when teachers take 90-minute tech course


As computer programs advance and develop, so does the demand to learn the new features and uses. Some learn faster than others.


“We counted,” Rochelle Day, iCIT training coordinator, said, “It took this lady eight clicks of the mouse for her to attach a document to an email.  I showed her how to do it in two.”

The Instructional, Communication, & Information Technology department is offering faculty and staff 90-minute classes to improve their skills with technology that is already available to them on the university computer desktop.

“For those 90 minutes, I get to see that light bulb come on.” Day said.  “I get to feel like what those teachers feel like in the classroom everyday, and I know with this knowledge they will be able to work smarter and faster.”

Classes range from Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint to information on how to effectively use a Google Doc. The information is condensed and presented in a new way.

The benefit of giving this opportunity to faculty is it does not cost the university any extra money. The software is available to everyone and the iCIT classes provide an understanding on how to use it most effectively.

According to Jamey Chapin, a communication specialist senior, these classes are  becoming more popular because iCIT has recently put together a marketing campaign towards faculty and staff.

“We are notifying people that these classes are available and that more should take advantage of this opportunity,” Chapin said.

Ultimately, Day said, the students are benefiting the most from this knowledge.  As the technology is being better understood around campus, the ways students receive information will also improve.

“Teachers having the flexibly to find the right tool to fit the job they are trying to accomplish is our goal,” Day said.

In January, Day plans to introduce Microsoft Access and Publisher to classes because of class requests.