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Founded 1901

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Founded 1901

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WSG approves funding for one organization, denies for another


Students could see educational documentaries through the student organization Peace, due to an approval of funding from Whitewater Student Government received Nov. 19.

Segregated University Fees, SUF, are approved by the Segregated University Fees Allocation Committee, SUFAC, and WSG.  SUF is the funding given to various campus organizations that provide for the student body.

Appeals regarding decisions made about funding can be presented to WSG or the chancellor.

SUFAC initially denied funding for Peace due to the lack of required forms. Samantha Newton, a representative for Peace, appealed the decision to WSG.

Chair of SUFAC, Anna Schwarz, said all the required forms were actually turned into its staff.


“We are very glad to see Peace repealing this decision, and we do take full responsibility for the fault with the paperwork,” Schwarz said.

Newton said the money would go to promoting charity events, showing documentaries on-campus and sending students to conferences off-campus.

“We are a completely non-profit organization,” Newton said.  “We don’t keep anything for ourselves.”

WSG voted 17-1 in favor of funding for Peace, so they could provide the documents for students and promote charity events.

Appeals from Dream Scholars and Colleagues and Supporting Peers in Laid-back Listening were also presented to WSG Nov. 19.

Dream Scholars and Colleagues President, senior Elliot Jasso, and one of its members, senior Miguel Aranda, presented the SUF appeal.

Jasso said Dream Scholars and Colleagues is an organization that provides scholarships for undocumented youth and promotes the Dream Act.

“What we are is a new organization on campus and we promote the Dream Act, which is a pathway for undocumented youth to gain permanent licenses,” Jasso said.

Dream Scholars and Colleagues originally requested $4,300 and was denied funding.  Schwarz said the group was denied funding because most of the money was meant to fund a trip down to the border.

“This group would be eligible for SUF funding,” Schwarz said.

Jasso said Dream Scholars and Colleagues would request $500 to fund two events.  He said one event would recognize their donors and the other event, May Day, would be a rally with guest speakers to promote their organization.

After three different motions were made and voted on, Dream Scholars and Colleagues was denied funding by WSG.

WSG did not approve funding for SPILL but did approve eligibility for funding.

According to SUFAC, policy and guideline appeals can be made to the chancellor.

The documents state, “UW-Whitewater provides for an appeal to the chancellor of a student fee funding decision where it is alleged that the decision was based on a student organization’s extracurricular speech or expressive activities, resulting in a violation of the requirement that allocable student fees be allocated in a viewpoint-neutral manner, and where the appealing party has exhausted the process for review of student fee funding decisions established by the student government for such cases.”

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Founded 1901
WSG approves funding for one organization, denies for another