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UW-Whitewater should embrace new technology

It’s no shock that technology is becoming more popular in the classroom as the digital era continues to change the world around us.

Professors are using more gadgets for classes and often incorporate how this new technology will affect students’ future careers into lessons.

UW-Whitewater should embrace technology and use it to benefit students and faculty.

One way the university could use technology to benefit students is by replacing textbooks with tablets. Doing this would allow students to easily carry all of their textbooks with them at once.

More students would be likely to bring their books to class because they wouldn’t have to carry the extra weight of added books.

Some universities in the UW System currently include new laptops with the cost of tuition. Every few years, students can upgrade their school-issued laptops, and they get to keep them after graduation.

By adopting a similar program, the university could adapt tablets to replace textbooks.

If every student had a university-issued tablet, professors could use that technology to their advantage. They could plan interactive lessons and teach students using apps and other activities on the tablets.

Most tablets also allow users to make notations while reading, so students could take notes on any questions they have from the text.

This could also make life easier for professors. If students are able to keep all of their books in one convenient place, they are more likely to bring books to class. Professors won’t have to figure out ways to accommodate students who forget their text.

Also, because students can take notes directly in the text, it may encourage class discussion and questions that may otherwise not be asked.

By allowing students to easily reference both the part of the text they had a question on or would like to discuss and their notes on that part of the text, there can be more teaching moments in each class.

Another way the university can embrace technology is by updating and expanding computer labs. In the library, it is not unheard of for computers to take 15-20 minutes to simply start up. Logging on can take another several minutes.

These computers and those in other computer labs are often using old operating systems and are loaded with large programs that they can’t handle.

By upgrading to newer operating systems that can handle the newer programs students need to use, the university can make it easier for students to finish homework and accomplish other goals.

Expanding existing computer labs would also benefit students. There are a limited number of computers and printers on campus. It can be hard for students to find open computers in our campus’s computer labs, especially as finals approach.

Increasing the number of available computers would ensure that students have access to the resources they need to finish papers, projects and other homework on time.

Students wouldn’t have to worry about going to the library or a computer lab to finish homework only to find all of the computers occupied. Professors wouldn’t have to worry about students not getting their homework done because of a lack of computers.

By embracing new technology, UW-Whitewater can make it easier for students and staff to succeed. Taking advantage of the technology available today can only make our campus better.

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Founded 1901
UW-Whitewater should embrace new technology