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Seniors’ artwork reviewed, displayed in Crossman Gallery


Time is of the essence for this 2012 fall semester, and that means it is also time for senior reviews.

For many students, the review is an opportunity to show off their best work whether that be a painting, sculpture, drawing, metal design or graphic design.

Each senior sets up a display of ten pieces that will be looked at and judged by some of their teachers.

Senior Kaitlynn Parrott, who is double majoring in graphic design and advertising, said, “You must submit ten pieces of work that you’ve completed in class or on your own.  These should be examples of your best work. To get to this point of course, you should have passed every milestone and have enough credits to graduate.”

Classes within the art department help students perfect their skills with the medium of their choice and learn how to work with others.

“In the art department, you are exposed to so many different mediums and types of art,” Parrott said. “The requirements for you to graduate cover a large genre of different specialties. You take ceramics to metals to sculpture. It’s great, because you get a sense of how difficult an area that isn’t your specialty can be and because of that you become more well-rounded.”

The senior review is more than just an end of the year show. For some students, it can determine their success in the future.

Senior Kristy Orzech, who is a graphic design major and multimedia and game development minor, said she hopes the professors enjoy her graphic design pieces, because it will give her hope that one day in the future she will be able to turn her passion into a career.

As for Parrott, she said she also hopes her review goes over well.

“I’ve known I wanted to become an artist since I drew on walls with crayons,” Parrott said.  “So, for my review to turn out good would be a wonderful step towards a well rounded career. I want to find a job where I can use my creativity and knowledge for a greater purpose.”

This is actually the first year the art department is doubling the senior show with a review.

In years past, students’ work was just displayed in the gallery after it was approved.

“Now [students] are judged in the gallery,” Parrott said. “It’s a measurement of your improvement over the years, and to show the faculty you actually have improved.

Both Orzech and Parrott will show graphic design pieces along with a few other works of art.

The senior review will be on display Dec. 10 through Dec. 15. in the Crossman Gallery.

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Founded 1901
Seniors’ artwork reviewed, displayed in Crossman Gallery