Diversity dinner offers etiquette lessons


UW-Whitewater’s Diversity Networking Program will be holding an etiquette dinner from 4 to 6 p.m. on Feb. 4 in the University Center.  The event is an opportunity for students who are multicultural, LGBTQ, disabled, interracial or involved with the military to develop skills, connect with employers and develop a resume.

Jason Brown, career counselor and coordinator of the dinner, said it is designed for individual students to learn social skills needed for the business world and to help students learn how to establish a professional network. Brown said this event can help students secure internships and postgraduate employment.

“Students can expect to get a really good guide of information of how to approach the job search and interviews directly from the people who actually do that work,” Brown said. “Building relationships with the employers is really the heart of this event.”

There will be multiple representatives attending, along with about 50 UW-Whitewater students.  The representatives will be dispersed at tables, so students can easily access any company.


The business representatives will talk with students, answer questions and conduct mini interviews.

Students will also learn proper etiquette to follow in a professional dinner setting. Students will be shown what to order at a business dinner, which utensils to use, how to excuse yourself and how to conduct conversation over dinner.

“It is not only to eat in a formal setting,” Ron Buchholz, a director of Career and Leadership Development and founder of the event, said, “but also to carry conversation in that kind of environment.”

The event is free.  As of Jan. 27, the event was not full. Students can sign up at my.uww.edu.

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