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Getting into shape with Hip Hop Hustle

Hip Hop Hustle is a relatively new workout style that has hit exercise junkies by storm. It combines high-energy dance moves with hip hop music to create a workout.

The exercise has recently joined the schedule of group fitness classes offered through UW-Whitewater’s Recreation Sports and Facilities. The class is currently taught by seniors Emilee Sobucki and Cassie Schaut.

Schaut said the addition of Hip Hop Hustle was first suggested last year by UW-Whitewater alumnae Alissa Papendieck, the former group fitness manager.

Four group fitness instructors traveled to Madison and got certified with a company called Powder Blue after a six-hour class. The certification includes a practical test that examines how well a potential instructor can execute moves.

One of the current group fitness managers, senior Stephanie Punda, said Hip Hop Hustle is a full body workout that is attractive to patrons because it is similar to Zumba.


“It doesn’t feel like a workout; you’re having fun by dancing,” Schaut said. “You don’t realize you’re wrking up a sweat.”

Schaut explained the class is divided into blocks and shows. When learning a show, patrons learn each section separately, and then put all of the moves together at the end. The end of the show can also turn into a dance battle.

The moves in a show are choreographed to a particular song.

Blocks, on the other hand, are learned at a slower pace than sections of a show, and the moves are not set to a specific soundtrack.

“I think [the best part is] when everything comes together in the end with music,” Schaut said. “Everyone is having a blast doing it.”

This semester, Hip Hop Hustle classes are offered on Mondays at 5:30 p.m.

Punda said group fitness instructors are trying to encourage more men to attend Hip Hop Hustle classes.

“It’s fun for both genders,” Punda said. “Guys are reluctant to try it, but it’s fun if you can get a big group of guys together.”

In addition to offering classes, there will be a clinic held on Feb. 2 in the Williams Center for anyone who is interested in getting certified as a Hip Hop Hustle instructor.

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Founded 1901
Getting into shape with Hip Hop Hustle