Royal Purple

Quick decision influences life of music

October 14, 2011

Nancy Hart, like all of us, has made a lot of seemingly insignificant choices in her lifetime. For Hart, one decision that didn’t seem very important at the time has turned out to be extremely significant. “When I was in fifth grade, I started band,” Hart said. “I actually didn’t ...

Love of music spurs saxophonist

October 5, 2011

Emily Van Veen’s senior recital is coming up soon, and even though she had a relatively late start playing the saxophone, it’s been on her mind since she was still in diapers. “I’ve been interested in the saxophone for a long time ,” Van Veen said. “When I was two, I had a toy sax that...

Local band back on track after member beats cancer

September 29, 2011

Lumberjack Steam Train is coming to Whitewater, and two of its members won’t have to travel very far for the show. Bassist Augie Menos and lead guitarist Casey Musser are both UW-Whitewater students. The band is ready to continue touring and performing “at any place that will let us pla... continues expanding

September 21, 2011

From the outside looking in, may appear to be “just another online video game review website,” said Lecturer Spencer Striker, GameZombie creator. Look a little closer, and you’ll see just how expansive and all encompassing the site truly is.  With everything from game d...

Five reasons to see “We Shot the Moon”

September 14, 2011

1. Their lead singer Jonathan Jones is one of the most passionate guys you’ll meet: Growing up in San Diego, Jonathan was already into music by the age of seven. “My mom thought it would be a good idea for me to play guitar,” Jones said. “Unfortunately, I failed at that. We decided to...

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