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Struggling to conquer advising

Autumn Tracy, Copy Editor

November 11, 2019

For those of us in the College of Letters and Sciences, there are two distinct problems that can occur during advising season. The first is universal for UW-W, and that is the registrar, enrollment office, whoever, taking forever to notify students about their enrollment dates for the next semester. One...

Prelim numbers show overall enrollment drop

Prelim numbers show overall enrollment drop

Nicole Aimone, News Editor

October 17, 2017

Preliminary numbers for Fall 2017 semester were released on the 10th day of classes, showed a total drop of 262, with 12,366 total enrolled students. These numbers include both undergraduate and graduate students and show an increase of 30 graduate students seeking master’s degrees from 2016, according ...

Enrollment at UW-Whitewater reaches a record high


February 27, 2013

  UW-Whitewater has hit record enrollment this school year with 12,031 students. Since the 2006-07 school year, UW-Whitewater enrollment has been consistently rising. Chancellor Richard Telfer said the exponential growth is due to a University of Wisconsin System initiative called the Growth ...

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