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UW-W should refund or waive housing and meal plan fees

March 13, 2020

As the Covid-19 virus continues to spread colleges, including UWW, have told students to pack up and go home for an extended spring break before a mandatory few weeks of online classes. This is a totally understandable and reasonable handling the situation however one has to ask, What about the money tha...

Hunger, homelessness a student concern

Hunger, homelessness a student concern

February 18, 2019

Imagine trying to focus your attention on writing a research paper if you have not eaten for a day or more. Roughly half of American college students face food insecurity while trying to obtain their undergraduate degree. Not only are students facing food insecurity, but in some situations they fa...

Budget 101


February 6, 2013

Sophomores Mary Morris and Brandon Child both keep track of their finances, but in different ways. “What I’m doing currently is tracking my expenses for every month, and from there, I form a budget,” Morris said.  “I collect my receipts and categorize them and write down how much I spent...

Unexpected expenses take a toll on students

September 21, 2011

These days, it is not cheap to be a college student. We have various expenses, many of which are school related but some of us have car payments, cell phone bills, rent, food and other things to worry about on top of school expenses. With so much time committed to our studies, oftentimes part-time...

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