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What does the first amendment mean to you?

What does the first amendment mean to you?

Brianna Korich, Journalist September 26, 2021

In honor of Universal Access to Information Day, the Royal Purple asked three political student organizations on the UW-W campus “What does the First Amendment mean to you?” It's an amendment, which...

Letter to the Editor: Students shoud be leery of posting online

April 19, 2016

April 20, 2016 Nearly 65 percent of American citizens utilize some form of social networking. However, amidst the countless cat videos, family photos, news, and other common postings, are comments and...

Trump still entitled to freedom of speech

March 29, 2016

Royal Purple Staff Opinion March 29, 2016 Donald Trump is scheduled to roll through Janesville on Tuesday afternoon and following suit with his previous rallies around the country, protests against the...

Graduate goodbyes: RP memories last a lifetime

December 8, 2015

Dec. 8, 2015 As I sit at the edge at the end of table in the center of the Royal Purple office, I look around at the room that I’ve learned to call my home for the past three years. There’s an ugly...

Wall offers outlet for student liberty expression

December 5, 2012

  The Young Americans for Liberty campus organization gave students a way to “free themselves” by expressing First Amendment rights in the University Center on Nov. 28. The group constructed...

Understand your First Amendment Privileges

March 2, 2011
In light of recent events in the Wisconsin legislative branch, it’s important to review the fine line between the terms “right” and “privilege.”
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