Wall offers outlet for student liberty expression


The Young Americans for Liberty campus organization gave students a way to “free themselves” by expressing First Amendment rights in the University Center on Nov. 28.

The group constructed giant plywood sheets covered in paper with markers attached for students to write anything they wanted. The wall was covered in anything from song lyrics to offensive slurs.

YAL President Bryce Chinault said the event was overwhelmingly positive.


The event did spark some controversial subjects. However, this was expected and the group had no problem taking the risk.

According to Chinault, YAL is the largest, most active and fastest-growing pro-liberty organization on college campuses across America.  There are now more than 300 chapters.

The goal of the organization is to cast the leaders of tomorrow and reclaim the policies, candidates and direction of our government.  They want to educate so people can learn to make their own decisions.

The YAL chapter at UW-Whitewater is new this semester. Program Director Jonathan Zech said the group is hoping to expand.

After the free speech event, they have totaled about 120 email addresses for the group’s email list.

“I hope to see the group become active enough to help educate the student body on the idea of Libertarianism,” Zech said.  “If possible, I would even like to be able to advocate for smaller government, free markets, and civil liberties in the local branches of government.”

Working with other UW YAL branches to advocate these ideas is also something he hopes to do.


“As opposed to [Democrat] and [Republican] we [as a society] look at it as correct or incorrect, or pro liberty or against liberty,” Chinalut said.  “We, [as an organization] want to present a way of looking at things, and then the people can decide what they want to do with that [information].”

Chinalut said he feels that emphasizing personal liberty, while recognizing that it comes with personal responsibility, is vital to a healthy society.