Royal Purple

Dan Richardson explains the legends of the Whitewater Water Tower or known as the “Witches Tower.”

A bewitching trip around Second Salem

Dauntae Green, Managing Editor October 17, 2021

Halloween is just around the corner! So it's time to hear spooky stories, learn about Whitewater’s strange paranormal history (also called Second Salem), and get some goosebumps while on the annual Spirit...

Second Salem’s spookiest spots

October 29, 2015

It was a bit of a surprise to hear Whitewater is filled with spirits that refuse to move on. I suppose it shouldn’t be since nearly every place has its own ghost story an unseen, yet very present monster...

What makes Whitewater the ‘Second Salem’

October 30, 2013

  By Robert Jansen   The city of whitewater has a surprisingly colorful past, filled with rumors and stories of witches, spirits, and murderers. The town has even been nicknamed the...

Witches of Whitewater: The truth behind the legend

October 30, 2013

  By Emma Cunningham   You’ve probably heard the horror stories or seen the eerie movie trailer about the infamous “Witches of Whitewater.” Although it is hard to say what is true...

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Founded 1901
Hillside Cemetery