Royal Purple

Mysterious Dress Leads to Historical Discovery

Mysterious Dress Leads to Historical Discovery

Gabriella Neurock, Lifestyle Editor

February 19, 2018

Editor's note: Story has been updated as of Feb. 23 at 3:12 p.m. for increased accuracy.   Stories of those who came before us will always stay with us. On Feb. 12,  an authentic dress dating back to the 1880s was installed in Old Main Lane, which is located on the upstairs level of the U...

150th kicks off on April 21

150th kicks off on April 21

Nicole Aimone, News Editor

February 19, 2018

Since its inception 150 years ago, the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater has changed names, mascots and school colors – only for one year, as it was so disliked that it was changed back to purple – but the one thing we’d all like to think hasn’t changed is the legacy Warhawks have created. ...

The Great War lecture series and nationalism

Nathan Kober, News Writer

November 15, 2017

Associate Professor of Languages and Literature Hala Ghoneim spoke about the history of Arab nationalism and World War I on Monday, November 13. The lecture was part of the Fairhaven Lecture Series: Reflections on the Great War, which began on September 18 and ends on November 27. Ghnoeim’s le...

Evolution of Willie the Warhawk

Willie the Warhawk points to the crowd while walking in the 2014 UW-Whitewater Homecoming Parade. Kimberly Wethal photo/

November 19, 2014

Nov. 19, 2014 By Vesna Brajkovic It’s hard to imagine UW-Whitewater without including Willie the Warhawk, the university’s mascot since the 1950s. But Willie hasn’t always been the purple and gray, tennis-shoe-wearing hawk with an animated personality the campus has grown to know. In the...

The fountain of history in Whitewater

Birge Fountain close up

November 6, 2014

Nov. 5, 2014 By Vesna Brajkovic It begins with a boy and his love for his hometown. It ends with a 17-foot high, 100-year-old fountain sitting on the junction of North and Main streets in Whitewater. In the middle, there is a boy named Julius Birge – the first child born to William and Mary...

Whitewater… Then and now: UW-Whitewater campus in the 1960s

An old photo of the East Wing entrance of Old Main, now known as Hyer Hall, held up to the current building entrance.

October 2, 2014

Oct. 1, 2014 By Vesna Brajkovic UW-Whitewater is ever-expanding with new construction plans popping up at every reach of campus. Each year, students encounter gradual changes as the student body expands and buildings, facilities and grounds become outdated. This historical campus, founded in 1868,...

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