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‘It’s just about creating an environment’

What makes the city’s ‘best bar?’

Whitewater bars share a lot of great history and are beloved by many in Wisconsin. Some of these bars date back a century and are filled with awesome artwork from that time period. These bars create some great conversations about the history that is attached to them. Generations of information are on display at these bars. All different sorts of bars that have their own niche that keeps them bringing them customers.

Sunlight bounces off the window of a building in downtown Whitewater, landing on the Main St. (Dane Sheehan)

Many bars were selected to be included in the Royal Purple’s “Best of Whitewater” survey that asked, “What is the best bar in Whitewater?” With the history and niche interests that each bar provides, it makes it hard to hard to pick just one.

A bar recently voted as one of the Whitewater’s best bars was Pumpers and Mitchell’s for it’s drinks and specials. Along with a few other bars on the survey, this bar is located on W. Whitewater St. The part owner of Pumpers and Mitchell’s, Curt Patrick, explained what led to his bar having success.

“Ultimately it’s just about creating an environment, never being satisfied, just little things like that just to try to stay, you know, as the pinnacle of Whitewater nightlife,” Patrick said.

The passion and creativity to come up with new promotions to keep things fresh and keep people coming back is still not as easy as it might seem. This is because a lot of these bars are offering similar products and being around the same location. Although some places charge different prices or run different promotions, it is all about the identity of the bar.

Different experiences and other services can be more expensive or cheaper depending on what they feel like it’s worth. It is a customer’s decision to spend their money however they want to. Conveniently, Wisconsin is widely known for its drinking habits and still attracts crowds every weekend. Patrick also mentioned how his bar is unique from others and that this bar included a pub, dance room, photo booth and great company.

“It gives people the liberty to and the freedom to go from one environment to another without having to gather the things, gather their friends and then they can just walk through the back.” Patrick said.

Pumpers and Mitchell’s is one of the best bars in the area that are able to appeal to a large group of people because of the variety of entertainment the bar provides. Wisconsin is known for its bar scene and the culture around the state is extremely popular. With all of the different bars in Wisconsin and in Whitewater, it is a hard choice to decide on where to go. The bars in Whitewater are still loved by a lot of people and the choices are endless.

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