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Warhawk Bowling Open Results

Ben Lokken, Staff Reporter

December 7, 2017

The UW-Whitewater bowling team placed sixth out of 24 teams in the Warhawk Open Dec. 2-3 at Sheridan Lanes in Addison, Illinois.   The Warhawks totaled 8,445 total pins across 10 games throughout the tournament. “Overall, I felt like the team performed well,” head coach Leann Sullivan said...

Trump still entitled to freedom of speech

March 29, 2016

Royal Purple Staff Opinion March 29, 2016 Donald Trump is scheduled to roll through Janesville on Tuesday afternoon and following suit with his previous rallies around the country, protests against the billionaire real estate tycoon are set to take place in response. As of Monday morning, a Facebo...

Night janitor pursues college dreams

October 6, 2015

Commentary by Ethan Caughey Oct. 6, 2015 “Here” is a tricky place to explain. I’m in the city of Rockford, Illinois standing in the ID Pennock branch of the YMCA. It’s 2 a.m. and we’ve just finished cleaning bathrooms, mopping floors, and dusting every surface within arm’s reach. But the ...

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