Warhawk Bowling Open Results

Ben Lokken, Staff Reporter

The UW-Whitewater bowling team placed sixth out of 24 teams in the Warhawk Open Dec. 2-3 at Sheridan Lanes in Addison, Illinois.  

The Warhawks totaled 8,445 total pins across 10 games throughout the tournament.

“Overall, I felt like the team performed well,” head coach Leann Sullivan said. “We finished sixth out of 24 varsity teams, which is good. With a younger roster, I thought they performed well.”

Junior Emma Kuhn placed third overall in the tournament and earned All-Tournament honors with an average score of 206.17 across six traditional games.  Junior Lauren Price finished with an average score of 188.50 to finish 22nd overall.

They [Kuhn, Price, and Kailee Tubbs] were consistently throwing good shots,” Sullivan said. They did an amazing job adjusting to the lanes and picking up their spares. They threw every shot this weekend and were consistently 3-4-5 in the lineup this weekend.”

In the JV standing the Warhawks finished third overall with an average pinfall of 8,012 pins across ten games.  Seniors Karissa Gonio and Sarah Paasch both placed in the JV standing for the Warhawks with finishes of 15th and 17th respectively.  Gonio finished with a 192.83 average score and Paasch finished with 190.67 average score.

“With the different layout of the tournament, it was a lot about working and competing as a team,” sophomore Kailee Tubbs said. “At the beginning of the second day, before we started practicing, we talked about separating our shots. We couldn’t put pressure on ourselves if we missed a spare. As a team, we can communicate and believe in each other enough where we don’t have to put pressure on ourselves.”

The Warhawks will return to action in 2018 when they head to Kutztown Invitational on January 19-21 at Heister Lanes in Reading, Pennsylvania.

“With finals coming up, we don’t have designated practice time,” Tubbs said. “As a team, Leann has talked a lot about being held accountable and staying on top of our games for next semester.”