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Emeritus professor negates letters against Burke

October 30, 2014

Oct. 29 2014 In the last month I have read two unanswered RP letters that were anti-Burke/pro-Walker. These letters deserve a response. The first letter (9/24) charged Burke with plagiarism. As a...

Support offered to Burke’s side of the election

October 30, 2014

Oct. 29 2014 If Democrat candidate for governor Mary Burke were a Republican, she’d be the dream candidate in many ways – a woman with a Harvard business school degree and business savvy, with experience...

College Democrats’ chairperson supports Burke

October 30, 2014

Oct. 29 2014 As you are probably well aware of right now, election season is right around the corner with November 4th being designated as the big day where you get to decide the fate of several politicians...

Students need to be informed before voting

Students need to be informed before voting
October 23, 2014

Oct. 22 2014 Royal Purple Editorial Staff Opinion With the gubernatorial elections quickly approaching on Nov. 4, most of Wisconsin’s citizens have been considering who they believe deserves their...

Candidates debate a final time

Candidates debate a final time
October 22, 2014

Oct. 22, 2014 By Alexandria Zamecnik   Job growth and the economy took the stage as Gov. Scott Walker and Mary Burke squared off one last time before the 2014 Wisconsin Gubernatorial elections...

Let’s keep Wisconsin moving forward

October 2, 2014

Oct. 1 2014 The upcoming gubernatorial election presents two very different candidates and two very different paths for Wisconsin.  Through Governor Walker’s bold reforms and willingness to choose...

UW-W College Republicans comment on Burke’s plagiarism

September 25, 2014

Are students being held to a higher standard than a candidate for Governor? [Whitewater, WI] – On Friday, Buzzfeed first reported that Mary Burke, democratic candidate for Governor, plagiarized several...

Mary Burke will stand up for student loan borrowers

September 5, 2014

Sept. 3, 2014 Throughout his first term, the message Scott Walker has sent to students in Wisconsin is clear: college affordability is not a priority. That’s why young voters plan to choose Mary Burke...

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