Support offered to Burke’s side of the election

Oct. 29 2014

If Democrat candidate for governor Mary Burke were a Republican, she’d be the dream candidate in many ways – a woman with a Harvard business school degree and business savvy, with experience in expanding her family’s Trek Bicycle business.  The company employs 1000 Wisconsinites and pumps nearly $100 million annually into the state economy.  Burke’s credentials are in striking contrast to Republican Governor Walker who is a college dropout and a career politician who has never had as much of job outside of politics.

Burke also has a remarkable record as a philanthropist and volunteer, focusing largely on education & youth.  And she uses her business savvy to maximize the impact.  Besides serving on the Madison school board, Burke co-founded a public/private partnership called AVID/TOPS that helps kids who are at risk of dropping out of school continue on to college.  The program has more than a 90% success rate.

In addition, Burke has been closely involved with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Dane County.  It began when she became a Big Sister to two kids, at the same time her brother was mentoring one of their siblings. She later became president of the organization for several years and led a fundraising campaign for $6 million facility to serve underprivileged kids.

Burke is also pro-choice, a position especially important to me as a woman.  I was once attacked by a stranger in a park in broad daylight. Fortunately I was able to fend off my attacker with pepper spray.  But if I had been raped, I sure would have wanted to take the “morning after” pill to abort a possible pregnancy.

But Governor Walker opposes abortion even in the case of rape or incest!   Moreover, he has worked to restrict insurance coverage for birth control.

Democrat Mary Burke has my vote and I hope you will also consider voting for her.

– Mariette Nowak
East Troy, WI

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