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Collegiate pets

Ginger, an orange cat known as the Touched By A Paw mascot – as she’s been there for 16 years – purrs as she sits on a scratching post.
Vesna Brajkovic photo/

January 21, 2015

The advantages and disadvantages of owning pets while attending college. Jan. 21, 2015 By Vesna Brajkovic Pets are huge part of the American culture, so much so that a family just doesn’t seem complete without a furry friend in tow. But how does pet ownership translate into the college...

Shop in Whitewater, be trend thrifty

April 30, 2014

  April 30, 2014 Attending college in a small town can often mean scarce shopping options, but this is not true in downtown Whitewater. Quaint shops offer a diverse range of products and can offer residents exactly what they are looking for or make for a fun Saturday afternoon in town. Shop...

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