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Founded 1901

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Founded 1901

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Public Information

September 27, 2020

Date ideas for a Warhawk Valentine

February 11, 2015

Feb. 11, 2015 By Katie Campbell It’s the day some love, some hate and some don’t really care about. For some, Valentine’s Day is a day when you receive flowers, chocolates, awkward-sized...

Commentary by Chris Johannsen, Copy Editor

That’s what (s)he said

September 11, 2013

Should you keep a high school relationship in college?   She said Heading off to college is a huge step in life, but it’s no reason to end an otherwise functional and happy relationship....

Commentary by Jon Block, Copy Editor

He Said/She Said: Is marriage worth it?

May 1, 2013

She Said: We are held to the standard that one day we will get married and one day we will have children.  This is the established norm embraced by our government and society, but really, isn’t marriage...

Owners, dogs play at Whitewater’s Bark Park

December 12, 2012

  “If you take your dog there once, you’ll want to come back again and again.” This is what junior Ashley LaRock said about Whitewater’s Bark Park, a fully fenced area for dogs to...

That’s what (S)HE said…

March 14, 2012

My significant other has been partying a lot lately, and I am not really into the party scene. What should I suggest as an alternative? SHE SAID - Carley Rymkus In any relationship, compromise...

Constant Gardner: one-night stands

April 13, 2011

One morning, you wake up with a pounding in your head. The first thought that comes to your mind is, “Why did I drink so much last night?” You look over on the other side of the bed and the...

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