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Should you keep a high school relationship in college?


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Heading off to college is a huge step in life, but it’s no reason to end an otherwise functional and happy relationship. You might be afraid that you or your significant other are going to change a lot at college or that you’ll be physically too far away at different colleges to keep a relationship going.

The truth of the matter is if you’re happy and you love and trust your boyfriend or girlfriend, you can make things work.

If you and your significant other are going to the same college, staying together can help you make tons of new friends and help you gain new experiences.

Commentary by Abbie Reetz, Managing Editor
Commentary by Abbie Reetz, Managing Editor

Look at it like this: If you and your boyfriend or girlfriend are at the same school but involved in different clubs or taking different classes, you’ll both be making new friends separately.

At some point, you’re bound to meet your significant other’s friends and introduce him or her to yours.  You’ll get to meet a whole set of new people who you may not have otherwise gotten to know! You’ll also have someone right on campus who you love and trust to share your new experiences with.

If you and your significant other are going to colleges that are far away from each other, just remember that long distance is not a death sentence for your relationship. Video chatting, calling, texting and online gaming are just a few of the ways you can keep in touch and spend time together even though you’re far apart.

Not having your boyfriend or girlfriend at your school gives you room to grow on your own while still maintaining a relationship with someone you love. It takes a lot of trust to make things work, but planning weekend visits and keeping each other up to date on what’s happening at your separate campuses will help keep things going.

A loving relationship is a loving relationship whether it begins in high school or at a university. If you really love your significant other and are happy in your relationship, don’t end things just because you’re heading off to college. Instead, give your relationship a fair chance to grow and change. It might get even better with time.


He said

Breakups are never easy, but being in a long-distance relationship in college has the potential to be even more difficult.

When you and your significant other graduate from high school with the intention of attending different universities, you have an important decision to make. Do you stay together and try to make it work, or do you move on and remove an additional distraction from your future life in college?

Commentary by Chris Johannsen, Copy Editor
Commentary by Chris Johannsen, Copy Editor

During my freshman year, I made several new friends, and many of them remained in relationships with their high school sweethearts.

I was a single guy, so I didn’t know what they were dealing with. But I admired their dedication to their relationships. Ultimately, however, each and every one of them eventually broke up with their significant others back home. Naturally, I was the shoulder for them to lean on.

I’ve seen firsthand what long-distance relationships can do to someone if they don’t work out in college.

I’m by no means saying you shouldn’t give it a shot if you truly care about the person you’re with. That being said, don’t deprive yourself of the great opportunities college presents because you’re in a relationship. It’s a once in a lifetime experience that shouldn’t go under-appreciated.

Whitewater has a reputation of being a “suitcase college,” and a big part of that is because many students return home on weekends to be with their boyfriends and girlfriends. Don’t be one of the people who puts your relationship before growing as a person and making new friends.

You and your significant other will obviously be exposed to new people and adventures, and the only way for you to share them with each other will be over the phone, through texting, or Skype. It won’t be the same as being with them.

Trust is a major factor in any relationship. If you can’t deal with the fact that your boyfriend or girlfriend is meeting new people and living it up at college, you might need to take a step back and consider the future of your relationship. There’s no place for jealousy in any relationship, especially one that is long distance.

Try to make it work if you truly believe you can, but if you’re having any doubts about your relationship, it might be best to let it go while you still can. Don’t miss out on the college experience, because you’ll most likely end up regretting that more than ending a relationship that may not last anyway.

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