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Royal Purple

A freshman looks ahead to a new year

Savannah Hernandez, Assistant News Editor

September 2, 2019

I always knew I was going to go to college one day, but now that that day is finally here, it feels a little surreal. Moving away to college always seemed like a destination on the horizon until it was right in front of my face. Moving in is, of course, the one thing that I think is most stressful for new s...

Prioritize health

Nicole Aimone, Editor-in-Chief

February 18, 2019

I was sitting in the emergency room Wednesday night, my head in my hands from the pain of the most intense migraine I’d ever experienced. Nurses and doctors were swirling around trying to get me hooked up to an IV and attempting to bring my blood pressure down so I didn’t pass out again. The en...

Freshman experience brings challenges, growth

Freshman experience brings challenges, growth

Gabriella Neurock, Lifestyle Editor

May 8, 2018

All throughout high school, the thought of college was not something that really crossed my mind. My parents encouraged my sisters and I to pursue higher education because they never attended college, but school was always a struggle for me. I never thought I would be able to find a career path I was pa...

Impact college experience with travel

Hannah Jewell, Staff Writer

November 1, 2017

Studying abroad is an opportunity that not all students choose to take advantage of while in college.   Less than five percent of all UW-Whitewater students -- about 400 people -- take advantage of studying abroad each year. The remaining students pass up the chance of a lifetime. “Gaining in...

21 & Over: Your beer guide

Kate Larson

November 30, 2016

We’ve all been there. You’re staring at the tap along the bar, wondering what in the world you’re looking at. Your choice of beer matters because you are a college student, and getting a beer normally means spending money. Although hundreds of different brews exist, according to Primer Magazine’s...

Homeless college students becomes pressing issue

Logan Lao Xiong

November 2, 2016

Homelessness is something we seldom think of in an environment where people are bettering themselves through obtaining new skills and professional development, but in our current  21 century there has been wide spread discussion of homelessness among college students. It is very alarming to acknowled...

Classroom Mandatory Participation Policy

Classroom Mandatory Participation Policy

Dusty Hartl, Opinions Editor

October 5, 2016

Everyone has been there. There is always one professor each semester that has a mandatory participation policy. When participation factors into a student’s final grade, there is a feeling of pressure to contribute something useful to the conversation. What if the student has nothing to contribute? T...

Letter to the Editor: Athletes should talk mental health

April 26, 2016

April 27, 2016 “Mental toughness” is a term that every athlete has heard consistently throughout their sports career; meaning that an athlete must remain level headed through failures, and to not be afraid to go up and fail again. It is commonly assumed that this toughness carries on into “regular”...

Letter to the Editor: Assault prevention requires education

April 19, 2016

April 20, 2016 I have recently read an article in the Royal Purple about the “amnesty” law on campus, which I think is great and will be very helpful in terms of lessening the staggering underreporting of sexual assault on campuses in general, including Whitewater’s. Although I think this law w...

Follow passions, do your own thing in college

April 12, 2016

April 12, 2016 College is the time to figure out who you are and where you hope to go in life. In the time it takes to earn a degree, students are able to take away some incredibly important life lessons. It’s the little tips and life hacks we’re told along the way that really stick. For me, the...

Imagine: people doing what they love with ease

January 26, 2016

Jan. 26, 2016 Most kids in America grow up hearing they can be anything they want to be. This is a grand ideal, but I wonder if it’s truer in theory than in reality. There are thousands of universities in America that offer the opportunity for students to study for any career imaginable. For example, if someone wants to be a paleontologist and discover the remains of dinosaurs,...

Graduate goodbyes: Graduation means ‘adulting’ and new experiences

December 8, 2015

Dec. 8, 2015 Wow. Graduation. I’m still figuring out how to say the word without thinking about my impending doom after the actual graduating thing happens. Dude, the real world? I eat ice cream as a main meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner on a regular basis and prefer to walk around in onesies all day, every day. I know what you’re thinkin...

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