‘Cold is just a mindset’

Spring Splash


Felicity Knabenbauer

A group of fashionable friends making their way down the street towards one of the many parties going on during Spring Splash.

Josh Stoughton, Community Editor

Whitewater is known for many things. The university football team, being known as the “Second Salem” and more. However, one annual event that is anticipated and draws people from all around the state and beyond – most being college students – is Spring Splash. 

Held each spring, it occurred Saturday, April 22 to give students time to destress themselves for a day before finals week comes sneaking up on them. Hundreds of students gathered at houses to “darty,” or day party, play a variety of different games and just socialize as another school year draws to an end. 

“My favorite thing about Spring Splash is getting to see friends, bond as a community and meet new people,” said senior Molly Ketel. “It is really an experience like no other.”

On top of students having fun about Spring Splash, it was a busy day for police departments. Cops from the Whitewater, Lake Geneva, university and other nearby departments gathered to patrol the city’s streets to keep everything and everyone in check. This would be making sure that students are drinking responsibly, fights are not breaking out and making sure everyone is safe.

One policy that the police departments focuse on is the “Medical Amnesty” policy. This law states that if someone is underage drinking, but calls the emergency number for help with someone else, they will not get in trouble with the police. 

“It’s a policy that Student Government got passed with collaboration with the city and university police so that if students are belligerently drunk, they won’t get in trouble with the police if they are helping someone,” said Student Body President Will Hinz. “I support the medical amnesty policy, and I think it is a great thing that the university and police department does something like this.” 

Hinz sent out emails throughout the week urging students to stay safe and be smart during Spring Splash. One email stated, “Our campus and city authorities’ first priority is to help. Our Medical Amnesty policy is proof of that. If you’re worried about potential fines/tickets when deciding to call for help, please know that this policy is in place to protect you as well. It’s not about making your actions consequence-free but ensures that you don’t have to choose between someone’s life and your future.”

After the fun festivities Spring Splash was over, students gathered the next day to clean up everything around town, such as cans, bottles and plastic cups. Even though Spring Splash was a day to party and enjoy themselves, the students still made sure that the town was cleaned up – especially before Earth Day. 

This year’s Spring Splash was one to remember, being a cold day with temperatures sitting around the low 40’s. Many were bundled up and had fires going to stay warm. Despite the cold, students were all smiles enjoying a college tradition they look forward to every year.