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“Wrecked” questions campus rape culture

Hannah Maes, Arts and Rec Editor

October 24, 2016

As college students, our world is saturated with the possibility of sexual assault. Every week, students seem to be receiving emails about assaults on campus. Although most of us push it aside and choose not to dwell on the ‘what ifs’, author Maria Padian chooses the opposite: she takes the issue hea...

The reason I write

Andrea Behling

September 12, 2013

Sept. 12, 2013 Column by Andrea Behling, Royal Purple EIC Why do I write? The answer to this four-word question is, well, hard to put down in writing. Joan Didion did it in a piece first published in 1976 with a confessedly stolen title from George Orwell, “Why I Write.” In about 2,600 words, Didion bares the bones of the writer hold...

Healthy choices deserve support

February 20, 2013

According to the American Heart Association, 149.3 million Americans over the age of 20 were overweight or obese in 2012. With statistics like that, it comes as no surprise that more fad diet plans and exercise programs have popped up in recent years. People are exchanging carbohydrates for "super...

Warhawks’ defensive ‘fource’

September 19, 2012

In football, the main focus is more often than not aimed toward the offense. But UW-Whitewater’s defense line, made up of junior linebackers Kyle Wismer, Ryan Cortez, Cole Klotz and senior Josh Williams, shouldn’t be overlooked. The four led the Warhawk defense to an undefeated season in 2011,...

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