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Royal Purple

International tunes to be featured at World Music Festival: Q&A with Shannon Dozorystent

File photo of the 2017 UW-Whitewater's World Music Festival performers

Brenda Echeverria, Arts & Rec Editor

September 3, 2018

The Royal Purple recently interviewed Interim Director of Young Auditorium Shannon Dozoryst to discuss the upcoming World Music Festival event on campus. The festival will begin at 3 p.m. on Sept. 18 in the Young Auditorium Courtyard. It is free to students and community members, but attendees are requir...

A crash course in culture through music

Sahba Motallebi

Hannah Maes, Arts and Rec Editor

September 12, 2017

After years of struggle in a war-torn Middle Eastern country, Persian musician Sabha Motallebi moved to the U.S. to continue her musical journey. University of Wisconsin-Whitewater students will have the opportunity to hear the music inspired by her struggles firsthand Sept. 19 at the annual World Musi...

Music of the globe heard on one campus

September 24, 2015

Commentary by Alex Zamecnik Commentary by Brittany Redden   Afro-Colombian rhythms, Korean beats, Moroccan Jazz and Ethiopian cross-cultural sounds will rock the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater campus this week. Different cultures will blend together to put on the World Music Festival...

Festival showcases worldy music

September 18, 2014

By Jake Prinsen   Argentinean, Turkish and Mali flavors create a blend of musical diversity in four performances featured in the World Music Festival. The festival will be held on Sept. 17 and for an entire day students can expect to see a wide variety of musical acts around campus.  The...

UW-W hosts bands from around the world

UW-W hosts bands from around the world

September 18, 2013

By Elise McArdle   Want to travel the world without leaving campus? On Sept. 18, three diverse bands from different countries will perform at the World Music Festival in the Young Auditorium. Playing at 6 p.m. is Kardemimmit, a band composed of four young women from Finland. Kardemimmit...

Venues & events galore freshmen can adore

Venues & events galore freshmen can adore

September 4, 2013

By Ben Holzhueter   With the passing of Labor Day weekend comes the inevitability every public school student in Wisconsin knows so well: the start of the fall semester. Members of the incoming freshmen class can find advice on how to add a little more culture and fun to begin their college...

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