Learning from student experience

National competition titles, community investment and the creation of businesses are norms for the UW-Whitewater College of Business and Economics.  The students in this college continue to flourish and are constantly adding onto their resumes.

Because of my job at the Royal Purple, I am able to witness our business students evolving into professionals.  Their accomplishments have become a part of the identity of our university.

The evidence stands for itself.  Our American Marketing Association chapter has achieved highest chapter awards for two years straight.  Our Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization last year competed in a national competition and created a business to encourage local sustainability.

Why am I emphasizing these accomplishments?  Because their accomplishments are essential to what I do weekly.  This section has continually adapted enough to need to tell the stories of our students involved in organizations and degree programs related to business.

My focus is to balance the importance of recognizing our students’ accomplishments, while educating students on business maters.  I want the students of UW-Whitewater to be aware of the opportunities available to them.

Understanding concepts of business is essential to maintaining a practical lifestyle in our country.  My goal is to give readers the tools needed to progress after college and learn from fellow students’ accomplishments and grow from their experiences.

I intend to improve this section by providing the most relevant content, but it will be your job to hold me accountable. Informational stories will be written with the intention of teaching business skills to a variety of students.

The information will be relevant to matters of surviving in the American economy.

Accomplishments of entrepreneurs, students and organizations will be emphasized and reported on continually.  In the future, events will be briefed beforehand.  New formats will be incorporated into my section to make it practical for these specific goals.

Please, I encourage you to involve yourself in this improvement by providing me with feedback about what you’d like me to cover in this section.