Chancellor holds listening session regarding budget address

Chancellor Richard Telfer addressed UW-Whitewater faculty and staff this morning regarding the governor’s budget repair bill and the 2012-13 biennial budget.

 Telfer said the UW System is calling for a $250 million reduction over the two years. Half of that amount will be cut from UW-Madison.

“The system will look at base cuts for the first year at $125 million,” Telfer said. “Those cuts will continue for the second year, making up the $250 million.”

Also in the budget repair bill proposal is a 5.5 percent tuition increase each year. It would account for $37.75 million in 2012 and $71.5 million in 2013. Telfer said the provision would put some of the financial burden onto the students.

“The university needs to talk to students to gauge their reactions to this,” Telfer said. “I don’t think the option of the flexibility of tuition increases should be taken off the table just yet.”

The chancellor also addressed issues regarding collective bargaining and benefits at the address.

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