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Fall Forum presents budget and new undergrad cybersecurity program

Interim Provost Greg Cook addresses faculty and staff online at the 2020 Fall Forum

Katie Childs, Assistant Campus News Editor

August 30, 2020

Interim Provost Greg Cook and a panel of speakers presented an online Fall Forum Tuesday, Aug. 25 for faculty and staff featuring an analysis of the university budget and a presentation about the new cybersecurity undergraduate program.  “At UW-Whitewater, we’ve involved great minds across the who...

Letter to the Editor: Online degrees create competition for colleges

October 6, 2015

Oct. 6, 2015 I find myself asking the question of what would I do if my college education was not paid for by someone else, and how would I be able to survive and support my family? I say this because recently I have been reading a lot of articles in the large newspapers like Forbes, the New York Time...

Off-campus does not have to mean off-budget

Off-campus does not have to mean off-budget

September 3, 2015

Save the Piggy Bank By Ashley McCallum Lifestyle Editor The lease is signed. You have reassured your landlord  you know when garbage day is and you understand “no pets” does include small hamsters. The keys are in your hands. Congratulations, you have officially moved off campus and probably ...

Student org funding finalized for 2014-15

November 20, 2013

Nov. 20, 2013 By Lucas Wimmer Every student who pays tuition at UW-Whitewater also pays Segregated University Fees, which is something that not all students might be aware of. A portion of every tuition payment is put toward these fees that fund student organizations. The organizations with...

Tips for finance and self investment


April 24, 2013

  Ever since I have acquired my position as the Royal Purple Business Editor, I have had a desire to enlighten students about money management and present opportunities to clarify misperceptions about finance. I want the business section to focus on the accomplishments of our business stu...

Tuition raised to ensure high standards of education

August 29, 2012

For the sixth consecutive year tuition will increase by 5.5 percent for the 2012-2013 academic year. James Bronson, associate professor of Management, has noticed students working longer hours at part-time jobs as tuition has increased. He also noted “as tuition goes up, state support has gone down...

Budget unlikely to hurt students, academics

May 2, 2012

In order to help pay the $2 million owed toward the mid-year $250 million budget lapse, UW-Whitewater has delayed different projects around campus. The university owes the money for the fiscal year which ends June 30. The lapse is a one-time cut due to the state needing more funding. Vice Chancellor...

State budget could limit spending at university

May 11, 2011

Wisconsin’s proposed budget for 2011-2012 could cost UW-Whitewater to cut $4.3 million from its base budget. Faculty met last week at the senate meeting to discuss the potential outcomes of UW-Whitewater, which is dependent on Gov. Scott Walker’s proposal. Walker’s budget proposal could drain up to...

Public hearing addresses budget cuts

May 11, 2011

In the wake of Gov. Scott Walker’s budget proposal, employers around Whitewater are readying for challenging economic times and changes in their staffing and services. The important thing for the employers is informing the citizens what the plans are to reduce the state’s budget deficit. That...

University retirements increase, resignations drastically decrease

April 13, 2011

Many know the budget changes Gov. Scott Walker has proposed over the last few months have great effects on state employees, including faculty and staff here at UW-Whitewater. As rumors fly about possible retirements and departures due to the negative effects of the budget proposals, many professors...

Inspiring march for their rights

April 6, 2011

With our years at UW-Whitewater being a time of growth and maturation for many of us, we often look to faculty and staff members as role models. We look to them to not only guide us in our studies, but in life as well. When associate professor James Hartwick and assistant professor of geology and...

‘Come alive, April five’ main emphasis of Reverend Jesse Jackson’s visit

March 31, 2011

Popular civil rights activist Jesse Jackson spoke to UW-Whitewater students, faculty and staff Tuesday night, emphasizing the importance of voting, especially in the upcoming April 5 election. “Come alive April five” was Jackson’s go-to saying throughout his talk as he looked to motivate...

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