Recyclable fashion show: a fun way to learn about sustainability

April 22, 2014

By Rumasa Noor

The American Marketing Association and Earth Initiative are organizing a recyclable fashion show as a part of their earth week events.

Junior David Zindler is one of the people who are organizing this event. He is a part of AMA as well as the Earth Initiative.

AMA has always been interested in doing things to get involved in Earth Week,” Zindler said. “It just so happened that Earth Initiative was looking for an organization to partner with on a large earth week event, so the collaboration on the Recyclable Fashion Show was mutually beneficial.”

Zindler said everybody is welcome to come to the event. He also said people can bring recyclables with them, although it’s not required of them. There will be prizes after the show including gift cards from local businesses.

“It will only take an hour. So only an hour out of someone’s day to come and have some fun and learn a little bit about sustainability and recycling,” Zindler said.

He said AMA helped with the event last year and it was a success.

The organizers will introduce the rules at the beginning of the event. Then the attendees will be given 30 minutes to go to Hyland Hall’s atrium and create outfits from the materials provided by AMA. After that, there will be a fashion show where these people will do a catwalk to present their outfits.

“People will do this in small teams of 4-5 and then we will have our guest judge go up to the front to talk about the outfits,” Zindler said. “They will select which one they thought was the most creative and used materials the best, and the one they thought was the most interesting.”

The event will take place at 4 p.m. on April 23 in Timmerman Auditorium and the atrium in Hyland Hall.

“People should definitely come,” Zindler said. “I think they will have a good time and they can win prizes, and it only takes an hour out of their day.”

The full schedule of earth week events can be found on the facebook page Sustainability at UW-Whitewater.