Letter to the Editor: Student loans a government investment in the future

Oct. 6, 2015

Why can’t the government find a way to stop colleges from charging thousands of dollars for students to go to college? Not all students can afford to go to college and some have to take student loans to afford it. After students are done with college for two to four years as an undergrad, they have to pay it back. The federal government gives students 10 years to pay back their student loans, but why does the government make students pay it back? The loans should be an investment to United States, because it gives people the motivation to get jobs in a higher profession. If students cannot afford to go to college, then they do not have the motivation to get higher paying jobs.

If the federal government treats the loans as an investment, there will be more people in higher paying jobs and more people getting higher degrees. This would then become a domino effect because economically, the United States minimum wage would go up, and having more people in jobs that pay more makes that cost of living to go up. Having thousands of dollars in student loans cause two things to happen to people. One, not go to college because it costs too much, so they can only get low-income jobs and then get on government aid programs. Two, take the loans, pay the loans back after college, and hope to find a good job after college is over.

Having student loans is a burden because not everyone finds a good paying job to help pay their loans back. Even though the federal government gives people 10 years, it does not stop the bills from coming to people’s houses and changing people’s financial situation. Even though loans are an option, it should not be because school is the only way people can become something. Without that, people will not go to school and become nothing.

Promise Triplett

Political Science BA