Halloween celebrations make holiday unique

Oct. 27, 2015

The thing I love the most about Halloween is the decorations because I love seeing the creativity of Halloween lovers around the community. If nothing else, the spooky decorations always get me in the Halloween spirit.

The second thing I enjoy about Halloween is the different costumes worn by people in haunted houses and by children everywhere. I get inspiration from them, and I love seeing the different costumes everywhere I go on Halloween night. Any costume can be funny or terrifying depending on the age and comfort level of those who wear them. When I was young, I wore a bunch of different costumes that got me many compliments.

Commentary by Signe Trewyn Staff Writer
Commentary by Signe Trewyn Staff Writer

My third favorite part of Halloween is the fact that the holiday is in fall. To me, fall is a fascinating season with all the leaves on the ground and the blustering wind. That is the best part of Halloween because even mother nature sets the mood for the scary holiday. October provides the perfect weather for haunted hayrides, cemetery walks and trick or treating.

My fifth favorite part of Halloween is watching scary movies with my father because the holiday comes around once a year. One film I love to watch is actually a short film titled “Thriller.” I appreciate the choreography and the classic red leather jacket worn by Michael Jackson in the film. I enjoy watching his transition to werewolf and the horrified look on his girlfriend’s face. I also like Vincent Price’s voice in the song because it adds context and makes it a staple at any Halloween party. Seeing groups of people perform Thriller flash mobs around the world this time of year is also really cool.

The sixth thing I love about Halloween is the fact that I get to spend time with my family by trick or treating or by going to haunted events. I enjoy being with my family because I’m at school during the week. I also get to spend time with friends and watch them have fun along with me.

The seventh thing I like about Halloween is the candy because I feel as though I’m ready for candy any day of the year. I still love trick-or-treating because I get to see everyone’s costumes, and I get to make new friends throughout the night. I remember visiting houses that were particularly spooky, but I still got a kick out of each one.

The last thing I love about Halloween is the uniqueness of the holiday. Most of the holidays focus on being together and gift-giving. Halloween focuses on having fun and celebrating. Happy Halloween!

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