Founded 1901

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Founded 1901

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Founded 1901

Royal Purple

Ghouls haunt downtown

Ghouls haunt downtown

Libby Nabhan, Community Editor October 29, 2023

The ghouls are out and about the town this time of year. On the rainy fall day of Oct. 26, children, college students and many community members headed downtown in Whitewater to show off their costumes....

Hallow(een)ed traditions

Hallow(een)ed traditions

Sarah Sullivan, Community Journalist October 29, 2023

Although Whitewater is loved for its serene landscapes and cozy community, the town holds secrets beyond its natural beauty. Among cherished Whitewater traditions, the tales of witches and local hauntings...

G.W. Esterly House, the Delta Zeta Sorority House of UW-Whitewater, as taken by the Whitewater Historical Society.

Historical houses preparing for halloween haunting

Libby Nabhan, Community Editor October 8, 2023

As Halloween approaches, it becomes that time of year when the community begins to decorate as a haunting way to show their love for this time of year. Throughout Whitewater, there are tons of historical...

These graves up by the hillside cemetery are placed in a peculiar circular pattern.

What are the spookiest parts of Whitewater

Katy Wimer, Whitewater Chamber of Commerce Coordinator of Operations & Events October 23, 2022

The spookiest parts of Whitewater are probably the cemeteries, particularly Hillside Cemetery, and the Witches Tower (Starin Park Water Tower) not only because of their link to various witch activity/lore...

Creepy faces made by party people

The perfect costumes for groups and duos

Katie Zee, Journalist October 23, 2022

A same-name group costume allows for each member to have their creativity and individuality shine through. How it works is that the group is given a name, like “Joe,” and everyone dresses as a celebrity...

Wrong Costume

Wrong Costume

Corbin Giese, Graphic Design October 16, 2022

ANIMAL HOUSE – A comic created in honor of former UW-W student and official party animal John Belushi

Dan Richardson explains the legends of the Whitewater Water Tower or known as the “Witches Tower.”

A bewitching trip around Second Salem

Dauntae Green, Managing Editor October 17, 2021

Halloween is just around the corner! So it's time to hear spooky stories, learn about Whitewater’s strange paranormal history (also called Second Salem), and get some goosebumps while on the annual Spirit...

Silos decked out in spider webs as a variety of pumpkins sit below it.

Whitewater Halloween haunts

Felicity Knabenbauer, Lifestyle Editor October 17, 2021

Look no farther for a bewitching time than right here in Whitewater, ladies and ghouls. The H&H Pumpkin Patch opened their gates a few weeks ago and just recently held its first haunted attraction...

Whitewater is home to many supposedly haunted locations and experiences. The Winchester House is no exception. It is rumored that the previous owner was cursed by a witch and now haunts this property, Friday evening, Oct. 15, 2021.

A spooky history lesson

Kylie McCombe, Photographer Editor October 17, 2021

“My favorite candy is a Hershey bar. As far as a memory goes, trick-or-treating for the first time when I lived in Colorado. I was five and my parents pulled me and my friends around the subdivision from house to house.” 
-Anastasia Sobieski, Sophomore, Media Arts and Game Development

What’s your favorite trick-or-treat memory?

October 17, 2021

We asked and you answered. For this Halloween issue we asked some fellow Warhawks about their favorite Halloween candy and memories

Witchcore 101

Witchcore 101

Aaron Xiong, Assistant Lifestyle Editor October 17, 2021

Get into the Halloween spirit with an aesthetic unlike any other. Cultivate your spells and potions as a member of the Witchcore aesthetic this spooky season. Revolving around the mystical and magical...

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