The perfect costumes for groups and duos

Group and duo Halloween costumes


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Creepy faces made by party people

Katie Zee, Journalist

A same-name group costume allows for each member to have their creativity and individuality shine through. How it works is that the group is given a name, like “Joe,” and everyone dresses as a celebrity or character with that name. This idea is great for parties and get-togethers because of how it allows everyone to put their own spin on the costume while still following the theme.

 Keeping with the Joe example, some celebrities and characters include: Joe Jonas (singer), Joe Goldberg (character in Netflix’s You), Joe Gatto (TV personality from Impractical Jokers), Joe Dirt (from the movie Joe Dirt), etc. Another idea would be to do “Queen,” which would look something like one person being Freddie Mercury (from the band Queen), one person being Marie Antionette (historical queen of France), another person being the Queen of Hearts (Alice in Wonderland character), and so on. 

A similar concept to the same-name costume idea is doing top Spotify artist group costumes. These are perfect for a party as well. The concept is just how it sounds: everyone dresses as their top Spotify artist.  

Scooby Doo is a classic group costume that you can’t go wrong with. The great thing about the mystery gang is that their looks are iconic enough that you don’t need the exact pieces to recreate their outfits. In fact, most of the clothing could be lingering in your closet right now. Another great thing is that each member of the group is recognizable, so it’s okay to not have the whole group. For Daphne, wear a purple dress and have a green accent. For Fred, a white polo shirt, jeans, and an orange ascot would do the trick. For Velma, you can’t go wrong with an orange sweater and a red skirt. For Shaggy, all you need is a green T-shirt and brown pants. Lastly, for Scooby himself, you need a brown outfit with a blue dog collar. Bonus points if you have a dog that you dress up for the night! 


The classic group, the Addams Family makes an eerie group costume that gives that spooky feel without being too scary. It can be just a couple’s costumes with Morticia and Gomez or you can add the whole family. For Morticia, you need a long black dress, straight dark wig, a smokey eye, and a red lip. For Gomez, you’ll need a pin-stripe suit, a tie, a mustache and a cigar prop. For Wednesday, you need a short black dress with a white collar and two braids in your hair. For Pugsley, all you need is a black and white striped T-shirt and black shorts. 

The Stranger Things group has grown and changed over the seasons of the show, making for many different variations of costumes. A popular duo costume is Robin and Steve’s Scoops Ahoy uniforms from season three. A more recent one would be Eddie and Chrissy. The wardrobe department created outfits that are iconic enough to make perfect Halloween costumes. 

With so many group costume choices to choose from, no one should be left out of the Halloween festivities. While dressing up is never required, this is one of the few times a year one can get away with wearing their wackiest costume without blinking an eye. Whether it’s worn at a Halloween party or in the comfort of your own home with friends is all up to you. All that matters is everyone is having a spook-tastic time on this once a year spine-tingling holiday.