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Historical houses preparing for halloween haunting

G.W. Esterly House, the Delta Zeta Sorority House of UW-Whitewater, as taken by the Whitewater Historical Society.
G.W. Esterly House, the Delta Zeta Sorority House of UW-Whitewater, as taken by the Whitewater Historical Society.
Whitewater Historical Society with the water fountain. 301 W Whitewater St, Whitewater, WI 53190.

As Halloween approaches, it becomes that time of year when the community begins to decorate as a haunting way to show their love for this time of year. Throughout Whitewater, there are tons of historical houses, as many of the original houses in this area were built during the late 1800s and early 1900s. Many of these houses already look haunting, but the owners begin to add a little bit of spice. 

Hamilton House located at 328 W Main St, Whitewater, WI 53190. IMG

The Delta Zeta Sorority president, Delaney Razim, had the opportunity to explain their decorations, as it is a very old house. The G.W. Esterly House, in Whitewater, near Greek Row, was built in 1876. It was by George Washington Esterly, it was made to house him and his family. The rich history of this house helps with the haunting factor. 

“I wouldn’t say the house is haunted but it is a very old house and there are a lot of rumors that go around that the house is haunted because there have been so many people that have lived here over the years. And at night it looks creepy,” said Razim.

This year for their decorations, to accentuate the haunting and eerie essence of their house, they are going to have spider webs, a blow up monster, and they will be standing and handing out candy for halloween. During this time, they will pass candy to the children and community members while wearing their costumes. 

The G.W. Esterly house is incredibly creepy looking at night, so the added effects will help solidify the ‘haunted house’ aesthetic that has been a goal for many of the historical houses around the community. This landmark is something that draws the eye to this side of town, the more historical area. 

Nelson Salsbury House located at 404 W North St, Whitewater, WI 53190.

Along with the G.W. Esterly house being haunted this time of year, the Hamilton House Bed and Breakfast will partake in the participation of ‘scaring’ the community. They partake each year. The history of this house is that it used to be a fraternity house, it would be decorated each year, and the owners continue to keep up this tradition. On the menu for this year, is a lit up motorcycle inside, many railing decorations, and to continue to haunt the community members with outdoor decorations. 

“We really go all out for Halloween,” said Lori Heckendorf, the owner of the bed and breakfast. 

To find out more information about the decorations or haunted houses of Whitewater, visit the Whitewater local landmarks site

As Halloween approaches, stay safe and look at all the cool decorations created to haunt the community. Look out for these haunting houses in the upcoming weeks, they will be there to scare the ghouls out of you!

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