What are the spookiest parts of Whitewater


Robbie Elsbury Jr.

These graves up by the hillside cemetery are placed in a peculiar circular pattern.

Katy Wimer, Whitewater Chamber of Commerce Coordinator of Operations & Events

The spookiest parts of Whitewater are probably the cemeteries, particularly Hillside Cemetery, and the Witches Tower (Starin Park Water Tower) not only because of their link to various witch activity/lore throughout history, but because of their age. Hillside Cemetery and the Starin Park Water Tower are historic. You can feel their age and history standing in/next to them. And when you visit either place at night, you can’t help but feel a bit spooked. 

The water tower, dubbed the “Witches Tower”, is one of the spookiest places on campus.
(Robbie Elsbury Jr. )
Jeanine Fassl and Dan Richardson give the history of the Starin Park Water Tower to the tour group.
(John Leahey)