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Warhawk Fitness releases new schedule

Jan. 27, 2016

By Jordan Moser

Being the beginning of a new semester and new year, there may be no better time to break out of a sedentary lifestyle and to pursue fitness goals.Warhawk Fitness offers a wide variety of group fitness classes.

Group fitness provides a fun and collaborative way to shed pounds and build muscle based on the classes you choose. Offering 14 different classes, Group Fitness has a variety of workout options that are tailored to meet your individual fitness goals.

Group Fitness student manager Danielle Hansen encourages students to experiment with group fitness based on the accessibility of the classes and the strategically scheduled classes which take pressure off of the mind of the stu dent.

“It is a workout that [students] don’t have to plan themselves,” Hansen said.

Beneath the leadership of a knowledgeable staff, group fitness classes decrease the mental dedication to exercising, which allows students to focus solely on reaching their various physical goals.

Group Fitness program assistant Hannah Anderson explains the flexibility of class options, which are ideal for busy college students.

“Group fitness offers a variety of classes. Every day of the week you could be doing something different,” Anderson said.

In addition to the positive effects group fitness can have on one’s physical well being, students can also expect to experience an atmosphere that is conducive to social interaction.  

“It’s a great way to meet people,” Andersen said. “I’ve met a lot of cool friends and people through being involved with [group fitness].”

Group fitness classes keep students coming back week after week.

“The aspect of having a group environment is nice because everyone is working together towards a common goal,” Hansen said.

Debuting last semester, Triple Threat and Tabata Training are the newest classes group fitness has to offer.  Triple Threat is a 60 minute class which involves a combination of strength training, high intensity cardio and yoga, making a well-rounded and beneficial workout.

Tabata Training is a 30 minute, interval based workout in which the class transitions quickly between twenty second periods of intense exercise separated by brief moments of rest.

A drawback to the typical fitness club membership is the long-term monetary commitment; however, access to group fitness classes is included with the purchase of a fitness membership to the Williams Center. Classes are also structured with the student being the main focus, which eliminates students being subject to contracts like other programs.

“With no long-term commitment, you can come to a class and never come back again if you don’t like it,” Hansen said. However, with workouts ranging from high intensity Total Exhaust to low impact Yoga, group fitness is able to accommodate students who are new to fitness programs as well as the most experienced workout enthusiast.

“We offer so many different variations, so there is always a [class] for everyone,” Hansen said.

Group fitness offers classes as early as 6:30 a.m. and as late as 7 p.m.,  which present many options designed to accommodate every student, despite one’s academic schedule.

The staff members at Warhawk Fitness are all available to provide options to students when it comes to staying fit, an attitude that is contagious to group fitness members. Class schedules are available in the Williams Center, and online at

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Warhawk Fitness releases new schedule